Cycle Advertising is a a creative, eco-friendly and noticeable form of outdoor advertising. In certain industries and companies, bicycle billboards are known as Ad Bikes or Promo Bikes teams. The benefits of Bicycle Billboard advertising are they standout on the streets and can be deployed throughout areas where traditional mobile billboard trucks are not be able to reach (e.g. bike paths, beach areas, parks, etc.) They are a super effective way to advertise around convention trade shows, festivals, sporting events, concerts and other large target audience gatherings. Bicycle Billboards are deployed in groups of three, convoy mode, to create a large, undeniable outdoor advertising presence.

When riders are outfitted in custom-branded cycling shirts, pants, helmets and other equipment it further enhances the outdoor advertising impact.Riders can stop and engage people with the bike billboards beside them. .

bicycle advertising  is the first franchise focused on providing a way to green, sustainable, high impact and flexible advertising. People are tired of seeing advertisements that are conventional, static, and unoriginal and which pretty much don’t communicate well with them. In Publi Now we offer novel and original bike mobile billboard advertisements, which will give you bang for your advertising buck. Imagine a new advertising … Something new, flashy, almost unlimited access to all parts of the city and to associate your brand to a healthy and environmentally friendly life.

If you’re a business owner, event planner, or a government official interested in exponentially increasing awareness and attracting more and more customers affordably and effectively, then look no further!

bicycle advertising agency that offers both direct and indirect marketing strategies unlike any traditional form. We proudly refer to ourselves as the Show & Tell Bicycle Advertising Co. Contact us today if you’re ready to bring your marketing campaign to the next level.


A bicycle billboard can go where other vehicles or methods of advertising just simply cannot. What’s more, many people will be intrigued by our method of advertising and will pay more attention to your ad than they would from a ho-hum traditional form of advertisement.

With our bike banner outdoor marketing strategies, you can reach thousands of customers and exponentially increase brand awareness to support your local community.

Because bicycle billboards ads can go directly to the local area you want to advertise in, you can enjoy the benefits of this marketing venture whether you have a restaurant or a retail store. You can even use bike billboards to advertise for an upcoming community event or any government-related current affairs.


Many marketing options require high costs both financially and environmentally. With our bike banner services, however, you won’t have any damaging emissions as a result of your ad campaign.

Instead of paying extra money for motor vehicle emission or other pollutant options that aren’t safe for the environment, you can feel really good about promoting your business, event, or government-related current affairs in a responsible way for a cleaner tomorrow.


Bike Billboards advertising are the fastest growing segment of the new “green” outdoor advertising market and for very good reasons too. First of which, is they are incredibly effective, inexpensive to purchase, and to maintain and deploy. Now, with Bike Billboards – almost anyone can have their own mobile outdoor billboard and/or outdoor advertising business. Great way to keep fit and make money at the same time too. Bicycle billboards can go almost anywhere and can advertise in places where typical billboards and mobile billboards (trucks) cannot be or cannot go.

Cycle (bicycle) is perfect for:

 Reaching the busiest pedestrian areas(tactical positioning of the mobile banners)

 Interacting with the public while handling leaflets or doing product sampling

 Eco friendly advertising

 Getting closer to the point of sale

 Being innovative and eye-catching

 Creating high impact impressions (visual and audio combination)

 Creating brand awareness

 Advertising 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

 Being cost efficient(smaller advertising rates compared to other media)

 Easy transporting, storing and maneuvering

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